The Glamour-Filled Life Of A Virtual-Office Editor

Note: I wrote this and saved it about three months ago, but the lessons still apply!

I just spent $2 on a chocolate muffin that I might or might not eat (but right now, leaning toward not) so that I would have a comfortable space to sit down and work while I wait for my podiatry appointment time to roll around.

This is my second appointment in about four weeks. I have an ingrown toenail, you see, which it turns out is not something you can extract yourself with tweezers and toenail clippers, no matter how you have gone about steeling your nerves in preparation. Or so the experts tell me.

Instead, you ought to see a podiatrist, who will remove the offending growth and cauterize the root so it can't grow back.

That didn't quite work out in my case, so here I am.

The beauty of being a human with a full-time job who works from home in this particular situation are as follows:

  • I can do my job from this little deli, with a portable hotspot and my laptop
  • I'm more flexible than most when it comes to appointment time
  • I'm not disrupting an entire office's schedule to go take care of my janky foot; just mine

Actually, that last bulletpoint is a bit of a lie. Here are the deficits of being a human with a full-time job who works from home in this particular situation:

  • I have to get a ride to and from the podiatrist (I don't really want to try driving home with a half-numb right foot)
  • My husband, therefore, has to drive me to the appointment and drive me home
  • He's responsible for taking care of the spawn during the day
  • This means I'm dragging my entire household with me to this appointment.

Here's what I learned after my last appointment:

  • It doesn't actually take all that long to remove an ingrown toenail
  • Not giving the husband and spawn time to enjoy the activity they planned in lieu of accompanying me on my visit to the foot doctor means that the spawn will be unhappy and the husband will be flustered when we reunite
  • It works better to forget about my schedule "needs" and drive down way, way early, taking my portable office with me and allowing them the time they need to have a good experience

So here I am in this deli, halfheartedly snacking on a chocolate muffin (which ain't half bad, despite my halfheartedness). Pondering how I adjust my job to fit my life instead of the other way around.

I'm incredibly lucky to have the option to begin with, and I love reminders (like this one) that I'm not always the entity around which my job/life needs to revolve. Workplace flexibility is beautiful for what it allows your loved ones just as much as what it gives you.