WAHM! Let The Girls Be Girls

For the past 18 months or so, I've felt like I won the life lottery. I have an excellent job that I love, and I get to do it from the comfort of a home office.

I think that my situation is fairly rare in this day and age. However, I see it becoming more and more prevalent as the internet continues to not go away and employers and companies realize that they can save money and make their workers happy by facilitating remote work situations.

And that's not all. I also have a child, who's the reason why I want to work at home in the first place. Being in this situation allows me to spend more quality time with him than I'd ever be able to swing if I were doing this job in an office every day.

Then there's this website. I do use my freelance skills every now and then, but for the most part, I'm paying to maintain a site — and a blog — that's just collecting virtual dust.

And I know there are a lot of people who wonder about what it's like to work from home — how to find a job like that, how to organize your life so that you can do a job like that, how it's great and why it isn't always all that great, whether or not I've achieved the work-life balance level-up and what the household division of labor looks like when Mom is managing a sizable chunk of a company while Dad rears the spawn.

So here we are, with an existing resource and some building up of knowledge here and there (I am no expert, but I'll be one someday), and a need (at least I see one), and far too many people attempting to explain how to work at home when they aren't actually working.

I can't promise how much I'll be sharing what I've learned about time management and how you, too, can have it all (because after all, I have other things going on), but this is me saying welcome, pull up a chair and pick my brain. I hope there's something in here worth perusing.

(Not my actual workspace in the photo, which is courtesy of Flickr.)