News Writing

As an intern at Westword in 2005, I was given a handful of news stories to follow during my summer tenure, and a couple of them turned into print pieces. The first was about two practically identical buildings in Douglas County that had been appraised to have remarkably different values — which meant one homeowner was paying higher taxes. I outlined the issue in "A Tale of Two Buildings", and then followed up on the situation a couple of weeks later that month with "A Pain in the Assets." 

The second story involved a "naturopathic practitioner" who likely seemed well-certified to his patients but had actually been educated online through a short course. After a few of his patients wound up in the hospital, he was indicted on several charges. I wrote a piece for the paper, "Do No Harm," and then followed up for his sentencing.

It was a few years before I wrote another news story — and this story fell into my lap in an unusual way. It was a profile of a woman who teaches trauma-relief techniques to police officers, framing mindfulness practices through a scientific lens to help them better understand the material. She's also a drummer, and my first music feature for Westword involved one of her musical projects.

More recently, I've been writing about health care and benefits news; I'm a contributing writer for Benefits Selling magazine and have also ghost-written articles for placement in assorted publications.

And I'm currently writing, among other things, cannabis news for Westword. Here are some of my favorite stories about that particular topic: