Food Writing

I began helping out with Westword's food coverage, mainly through culinary events on the Cafe Society blog, in late 2009. In June of 2010, I began working on one of two columns that I've written, on and off, for several years now; Veggie Girl was started by another staffer, and after she left the publication, I took over the responsibility of eating vegetarian food in Denver and reporting about it.

As plant-based eating began to gain in popularity as a food lifestyle, I saw the opportunity for a different way to showcase vegetarian and vegan food to the public. I started writing Meatless Monday, a weekly vegan recipe column, for Cafe Society in September 2011. Most of the recipes in the column are adapted in some way from a recipe I found in a book or online — for example, all of the baked-goods recipes have been adjusted for altitude. However, there are some recipes that I developed, including this crowd-pleasing vegan skillet pot-pie baked with country-style biscuits on top (I've served it to carnivores who scarfed it down) and a vegan high-altitude version of my grandmother's famous applesauce muffins, complete with homemade applesauce.

I've covered quite a few vegetarian events in Denver since I began writing about food, including the inaugural Vegan Prom and the introduction of sofritas at Chipotle in Colorado, and I've conducted several interviews with notable culinary personalities (mostly vegetarian and vegan, including John Schlimm, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Isa Chandra Moskowitz, but there are some exceptions, like Ron Ben-Israel).