Arts and Culture Writing

My first job after I graduated from college was working as the assistant arts-and-culture editor at Westword. In the many years since I began that gig in October of 2005, I've written about literally hundreds of events, so many that it's impossible to pick my favorites. (I'm still writing event previews for Westword.)

Apart from events coverage, I've also written a variety of pieces about the arts scene in Denver and further afield.


I am a literature fiend and will read anything I can possibly get my hands on. Although I've written a great deal about music and talked to some huge stars — and I've also talked with some big-name comedians (more on that later) — I get most flustered and star-struck when I'm interviewing an author I really enjoy reading. Some of my favorite interviews include my chats with Charlaine Harris, Jacqueline Carey, and a really poignant talk with Dawn Schiller after her book, Surviving Wonderland, was released. Authors who have Colorado connections are also fun interviews, like Erika T. Wurth, who set a novel in Idaho Springs.


Some of my favorite film projects have been lists, including this list of my favorite Mean Girls quotes and my favorite lines from Labyrinth. Interviews with filmmakers are always fun, too; I've talked with documentarians about their pet projects, including Ghosts of the West director Ethan Knightchilde, Redemption filmmaker and animal activist Nathan Winograd, and Code Black director Ryan McGarry.


There are so many amazing artists in this town, and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to pick their brains on a regular basis. I've put together profiles for some of the Westword MasterMinds, including 2006 MasterMind Katie Taft, Vox Feminista in 2007, Catherine O'Neill Thorn/Art from Ashes in in 2008, 2009's Ravi Zupa and Fallene Wells in 2010. I've also written some pieces about limited-time exhibits, such as an article about the Hats Off to Dr. Seuss! exhibit that included an interview with the exhibit curator, a chat with Magnet Mafia alumni and all-around fantastic artist Harrison Nealey and a piece about Dorothy Tanner, the woman behind the glowing sculptures at Lumonics.


One of the biggest thrills of being an entertainment reporter is talking to people you've seen on television or in film, and I've gotten to do plenty of that. Bill Burr was one of my favorite interviews; another was Tommy Chong (I talked to him once in 2008 and again in 2010).


Sometimes I review events or conferences, like the 2014 Wake Up Festival in Estes Park, which included luminaries like Seane Corn and Mark Nepo. I love learning from my fellow humans.